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AstroTurf® NXT Poultry Pads V5.2 is the answer to current and future changes in the Poultry Industry. Our new technology will help you get ahead of the curve.

AstroTurf® Poultry Pads have been the Broiler Breeder Industry leader for over 40 years but we’re not resting on our reputation. Our engineers have worked to develop technological modifications and improvements to anticipate what you need now and in the future.

The Ten Points of Technology we have incorporated in our new NXT poultry pad have been designed with one thing in mind: to help you increase your bottom line by delivering cleaner, less contaminated eggs.

Of course, one thing will never change, our patented grey colored pad has been tested and proven to be the color hens prefer. It’s a real “Chick Magnet!”

Broiler Ckicken

NXT Nest Pads (Version 5.2)

In-Stock NXT Pads for Broilers

11.5" x 12.9" Grey NXT Pad

Item # 10371608
Pieces Per Carton: 100
Minimum Order Qty: 4 cartons / 400 pieces
Metric Dimensions: 29.2cm x 32.8cm

5.6" x 9.6" Grey NXT Pad

Item # 10371609
Pieces Per Carton: 160
Minimum Order Qty: 4 cartons / 640 pieces
Metric Dimensions: 14.2cm x 24.4cm

NXT Pad Information

With our world-wide view of alternative nest construction and new production systems, we totally redesigned our classic pad.  This new AstroTurf® NXT, Version 5.2, with “Ten Points of New Technology” has been formulated for the latest manufactured systems, plus, is now available for replacement pads in the field for older systems.

NXT V5.2/Poultry Gray – Seeing is believing…the new design is 40% more open! These poultry pads are an advanced design that offers demonstrative benefits over our Classic, plus costs less per pad.

NXT Grey Pad

View Our NXT Pads

Move your mouse over either image to see our technology from many angles. Click on the circle in the bottom left to see full screen.

Original Nest Pads (Version 4.0)

In-Stock V4.0 Nest Pads

12" x 13" Grey 4.0 Pad

Item # 10246099
Pieces Per Carton: 100
Minimum Order Qty: 4 cartons / 400 pieces
Metric Dimensions: 30cm x 33cm

6" x 10" Grey 4.0 Pad

Item # 10246102
Pieces Per Carton: 160
Minimum Order Qty: 4 cartons / 640 pieces
Metric Dimensions: 14cm x 24cm

Original V4.0 Pad Information

Original Pad, V4.0/Poultry Gray-Through continuous improvement this 4.0 pad continues to line the nests of millions of hens across North America.

For over forty years “The “Original Gray Pad”, often called “The Monsanto Pad”, has been the industry standard in Broiler/Breeder Segment. 

It’s all about the best substrate and cleaning capabilities! The Original Gray Pads were created to move the industry from wood shavings to specialized high-tech poultry pads, designed as improved laying environments, fitting the finest broiler-breeder equipment manufacturer’s systems.

View Our Original 4.0 Pads

Move your mouse over either image to see our technology from many angles. Click on the circle in the bottom left to see full screen.

Facts you should know about the “Original Grey Pads”


We’ve been working for Poultry Producers for over 40 years.


  • Experience pays dividends to you when you buy from a supplier who understands the needs of your industry.


With AstroTurf ® Poultry Nest Pads more eggs are laid in the nest, less on the floor.


  • Less labor to collect floor eggs.
  • More revenue due to less breakage and contamination.
  • Cleaner eggs to the hatcheries.


Hens are attracted to the nest. Grey AstroTurf ® Poultry Nest Pads stimulate hens to enter the nest more quickly at the onset of lay.


  • Reduction in floor eggs.
  • Reduces time and work involved in handling and collecting eggs laid outside the nest.
  • Reduces time spent in training hens to go to the nest.
  • Overall increase in egg production and revenue.
  • Better ratio of hatched eggs feed and nutrient cost per breeder flock.


AstroTurf ® Poultry Nest Pads offer an open back that is quality-controlled for consistency.


  • Better air circulation in the nest for hen comfort.
  • Dirt and refuse are able to dry and easily fall through to the floor below.
  • Cleaner, more hatchable eggs.


AstroTurf ® Poultry Nest Pads are durable and more resistant to rips and tears.


  • AstroTurf ® offers a multi flock product which helps reduce the costs associated with replacements pads.


A proprietary research program was conducted by North Carolina State University’s Poultry Science Department to determine if: Nest pad color has an influence on nest preference in broiler breeders and does color preference have any effect on floor eggs and egg production.



  • Broiler breeder hens exhibited a marked preference for gray AstroTurf ® Nest Pads when compared to other colors.
  • This preference results in fewer floor eggs and an increase of 4% in total eggs collected.
  • Based on the data collected and the findings, a patent was awarded. US Patent number 5.159.896 for AstroTurf ® grey poultry nest pads.

Not the right size for you? We make MTO sizes too.

While our 2 in-stock sizes fit most broiler nests, we know it doesn’t cover all of the sizes. Reach out to us directly and we can cut our proprietary AstroTurf 4.0 pads to fit your needs.

The Original “Grey Pad”

Where to Buy Broiler Breeder Poultry Pads

AstroTurf® NXT premium poultry pads are:

  • Preferred as standard equipment by leading broiler-breeder equipment manufacturers (Best of the Best)
  • The first choice as a poultry pad replacement solution by North America farmers – with proven performance improvement and integrable with your existing equipment
  • Available on the internet or at many local and national retailers
Visit any one of our trusted retail partners to get the new NXT replacement pads and experience the NXT difference starting with your next flock. Click on a logo below to find out the best location to buy our products now.

OEM Partners & Dealers

Backyard Poultry Dealer Partners

Broiler Breeder FAQ

We recommend to replace after 7 years, but the length can vary depending on the breeds of birds used, the cleaning method, and the house environment.

You should replace your nest pads after seeing wear spots or flattening develop to the point that eggs are being held up on the nest pad. Held up eggs cost growers and poultry companies a lot of money compared to the price of new nest pads.
We have heard growers increase production typically by 2% and improve hatch by 0.5% when replacing nest pads. They have also been able to reduce egg cleaning labor when moving to our NXT net pads by up to 50%. While we cannot promise that you will get all those savings as this depends on management practices, you can get a good idea by adding up the increased revenue from the increased production and hatch along with decreased egg cleaning labor costs and comparing to the price of a new nest pad.
Stock items can ship within 5 days and non-stock (including custom cut items) can typically ship within three weeks of receiving an order. Our valued dealers (see “Where to Buy”) typically carry stock of our stock items as well so that you can find a close-by, local supply.
Our 12”x13” sizes fit many individual nest houses in backyard production. We also have 20”x56’ rolls that can be cut to size for custom sized boxes. You may be able to get other sizes (typically around 1.5 ft x 4 ft) at one of our dealers listed.
We ask for a minimum 3000 sq. ft. order at standard pricing and can down to half that quantity for an upcharge.
  1. Part of a hen’s natural nesting behavior is to try to manipulate a nest substrate (like AstroTurf®) in order to make a nice home to lay their eggs. So a nest pad helps hens to express that behavior and be less stressed.
  2. Nest pads help to cushion the egg in its fall from the hen and transport to egg collection areas.
  3. Nest pads are more hygienic and keep eggs cleaner than straw, peat or litter.
It is recommended to introduce the hen to the nest pad at least a week before the onset of lay. Put the pullets in the nest to get use to the feel. Also, when changing nest pad materials it is best to do so prior to the start of a flock as hens get used to the look and feel of the nest pads they are first introduced to.

Our patented grey color has been proven in studies with Broiler Breeder hens. Our teak brown nest pads have been highly successful in community nest and aviary systems in Europe and now in North America.

For the smaller nest pads used in the Broiler-Breeder industry farmers have come up with many innovative ways to clean nest pads. Some of the methods developed include a dry or wet tumbler (like washing machine), rotating lazy-Susan type table with pressure washer(s), conveyor system with pressure washer or take them out lay them flat and wash with a hose or pressure washer. Soaking in soapy water before spraying will ease cleaning but not necessary with NXT. Regardless of the method, our NXT nest pads have been proven to be the easiest nest pads to clean. We recommend adding a disinfectant before returning to service.
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