Continuous Improvement

AstroTurf® Poultry Nesting Pads, composed of highly durable, polyethylene resins in a natural, grass-like substrate have evolved through the decades.  As chickens have gotten bigger and stronger, so too have our nest pads improved.

Designed, engineered and hand-crafted by GrassWorx in our St. Louis Facility for over 40 years, “The “Original Gray Pad”, often called “The Monsanto Pad” dating back to our predecessor company, has been the industry standard in Broiler/Breeder and Commercial Egg Production.

With our world-wide view of alternative pad construction and poultry systems, in 2012, we began a total redesign of our classic pad.  Now, after several years of engineering and field test development, the next generation of nest pads is available.

Our AstroTurf® Poultry website has been developed to facilitate the exchange of information among Poultry Producers in both the Broiler Breeder and Commercial Egg segments.   We will share common insights and knowledge about the important role nest boxes and nesting pads play in your productivity.

With over 40 years of independent research into the importance of optimizing “manipulable substrates”, encouraging healthier hens and cleaner eggs, you will find a comprehensive compendium of data that will help you understand our mantra…

“No nest is complete without AstroTurf® Nesting Pads!™”

  • Our Reputation – We take our reputation in the industry seriously and continue to work closely with equipment manufacturers to ensure that our pads keep evolving with newer systems and changes in the evolution of hens.
  • Science Based – Scientifically based information will be part of our forum…compiled with the knowledge that this forty-year-old market, started by a chicken farmer, continues to evolve.
  • Up To Date – We invite you to navigate our newly evolved website for information and our positions in this rapidly evolving industry.
  • Why Nest Pads in Cage-Free Poultry Equipment – Our independent research strongly indicates specifications for “cage-free” eggs should require nest pads made of a manipulable substrate (like genuine AstroTurf®) because it is better for both the hen and the consumer.
  • The Compelling Rationale from Independent Research – Hens clearly preferred AstroTurf® to other non-manipulable substrate nesting options. Our patented, AstroTurf® designs keep eggs cleaner.  AstroTurf® nest pads meet almost all current cage-free specifications.
  • Connecting the Dots-…Conclusions based upon our 40 years of scientific evidence that:

Cage-free compliant + happy hens + better yields + cleaner eggs = Happy producers + happy retailers + happy consumers.

  • Alarming Trend – Our site also contains a considerable amount of information about an alarming trend we have seen…of delaying the replacement of pads on appropriate cycle. We will provide answers, guidelines, and examples regarding proper care and cleaning of nest boxes and how to determine proper replacement cycles.

Sharing Best Practices – As independent Poultry Producers, best practices often come from their hands-on experience.  We love to share their approach to optimizing production practices.  We will share information for both Broiler Breeder and Commercial Egg Producers like the videos below….

AstroTurf® NXT Poultry Pads – Egg Cleanliness

AstroTurf® NXT Poultry Pads – Benefits