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Broiler Breeder

AstroTurf® Poultry Pads have been the Broiler Breeder Industry leader for over 40 years. We're making the best poultry pads even better.



We’ve collected the top eleven research papers related to the hen welfare, hen preference and egg safety benefits of using nest pads

Commercial Egg

Nest pad products developed to improve productivity and cleanliness in cage-free commercial egg production.

The ORIGINAL AstroTurf®

When it comes to the health, productivity and profitability of your flock you cannot afford to take a chance on an imposter. GrassWorx is the exclusive North America manufacturer of Genuine AstroTurf poultry pads. 
We invented the manipulable substrate nest pad industry and we invest in research to keep providing pads that meet your needs and stand up to your hens – flock after flock. 

This is not the time, nor the place to take chances. Invest in your business with Genuine AstroTurf® Poultry Pads.

The Leading U.S. OEM Partner

Nesting systems have evolved considerably of late. And with more and more states adopting cage-free regulations you need a nest pad partner that meets all of the standards AND can provide the nest pad dimensions you demand. Our one-of-a-kind manufacturing equipment allows us to meet your 1 meter wide poultry pad dimensions. No other competitor in the U.S. has that capability. 

When you are designing your next cage-free system, let us provide you with the nesting pad solution that will drive results for your customers.


AstroTurf Poultry Satisfied Customers From Around the Country 

“Fine quality and excellent engineering. There is a reason we don’t use anyone else’s nest pads”

North Carolina Grower

“Definite Upgrade”

Tennessee Grower

“The best D#$& thing I have bought for my eggs”

Georgia Grower

The NXT pad has worked well for our growers.  It is less expensive and easier to clean than the Monsanto pad.  We ran a side by side trial with the NXT pad in one house and the Monsanto pad in the other house.  The overall flock performance was similar, however we did have approximately 5% less floor eggs in the NXT house.  We have switched all of our new nest pad purchases to the NXT pad.

Breeder Manager from Texas

“Very economical, good quality pad! A 2% better peak over previous runs with noticeably cleaner eggs”

Breeder Manager from Texas

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We have partnered with all of the top OEM and dealers to bring you Genuine AstroTurf Poultry Pads quickly and easily.

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