The new NXT is Preferred for original and replacement usage. As we like to say, “Keep the Best with the Best!” NXT Nest Pads cost less and last longer than other pads, allowing you to focus on a HIGHER PEAK and HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY. NXT is available in standard or custom sizes up to 1 meter wide and can be ordered in Original Gray or Teak Brown.

Here are the standard stocked nest pad sizes and colors:

Nest Pad size Color Texture Item # Part #
36″ x 55′ (0.91M x 17M) Roll NXT v5.2 Poultry Grey 10371610 CRNXT004
20″ x 56′ (0.50M x 17M) Roll NXT v5.2 Poultry Grey 10371611 CRNXT006
39″ x 52′ (1M x 16M) Roll NXT v5.2 Teak Brown 10327785 CRNXT005
* Custom cutting available for most standard equipment types.