Poultry Pad v5.2

AstroTurf® NXT, Version 5.2 – Now, after more than two years of engineering and field test development, the next generation of nest pads is available with breakthrough poultry pad design.  Our new pad, with key features as a result of the new design, has been coordinated to fit the newest manufactured systems.  It is also now available for replacement pads to help older systems improve production performance.

Five Reasons to replace your worn nest pads with new AstroTurf® NXTV5.2 Poultry Pads:

  • Less floor eggs because hens like a clean environment.
  • Less cracked eggs and toe punches because the high-quality plastic construction provides for better egg roll out.
  • Cleaner Eggs because the NXT blades are 20mm tall.
  • NXT Pads have been engineered to be easier to clean.
  • They cost less and last longer than other pads. You could see a payback on your investment in as little as one year!

“The best D#$& thing I have bought for my eggs”

- Georgia Grower

Field tested versus the Original Gray Pad, the NXT results  showed demonstrative improvement.

“Very economical, good quality pad!  A 2% better peak over previous runs with noticeably cleaner eggs”

– Breeder Manager from Texas

“The NXT pad has worked well for our growers.  It is less expensive and easier to clean than the Monsanto pad.  We ran a side by side trial with the NXT pad in one house and the Monsanto pad in the other house.  The overall flock performance was similar, however we did have approximately 5% less floor eggs in the NXT house.  We have switched all of our new nest pad purchases to the NXT pad.”

– Another Breeder Manager from Texas