For over forty years “The “Original Gray Pad”, often called “The Monsanto Pad”, has been the industry standard in Broiler/Breeder Segment.  This Original pad is called AstroTurf® Poultry Nesting Pad Version 4.0 in our developmental cycle.

With our world-wide view of alternative nest construction and new production systems, in 2012, we began a total redesign of our classic pad.  Now, after several years of engineering and field test development, the next generation of nest pads is available with breakthrough poultry pad design. This new AstroTurf® NXT, Version 5.2, with “Ten Points of New Technology” has been formulated for the newest manufactured systems, plus, is now available for replacement pads in the field for older systems.

Selecting the Optimal AstroTurf® Nest Pad

It’s all about the best substrate and cleaning capabilities!  The Original Gray Pads were created to move the industry from wood shavings to specialized high-tech poultry pads, designed as improved laying environments, fitting the finest broiler-breeder equipment manufacture’s systems.

Original Pad, V4.0/Poultry Gray-Through continuous improvement this continues to line the nests of millions of hens across North America.

NXT V5.2/Poultry Gray-Through years of testing, independent research, and trials, this latest version, was introduced in 2014.  Seeing is believing…the new design is 40% more open!  These poultry pads are an advanced design that offers demonstrative benefits over our Classic, plus costs less per pad

New Equipment & Replacement Pads

We take our reputation in the industry seriously and work closely with equipment manufacturers to ensure that our pads keep evolving with newer systems and changes in the evolution of hens.

Our site contains a considerable amount of information about an alarming trend we have seen… delaying the replacement of pads on appropriate cycle.  We will provide answers and guidelines regarding proper care and cleaning of nest boxes and how to determine optimal replacement strategy.